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Re-Homing Your Pet

SAINT provides a Courtesy Listing program in the event a pet owner needs assistance in re-homing their pet. SAINT is not a rescue and can only take possession of an animal for the Saving Lives Adoption Program if there is a foster home available. Cats are always a courtesy listing. The pet owner is responsible for keeping pet safe in their home until a new home can be found and is responsible for selecting and placing their pet in a new loving home. SAINT only provides networking and marketing services for re-homing pets if not accepted into the Saving Lives Program.


Fill out the form on this page. Any posts made through social media will have YOUR contact information on them.

Upload a clear photo of your pet.

IF we have an available foster home, our Saving Lives Director will call with details on bringing your pet into our organization.


Level One Listing

$5 Donation

Pet listing shared in 6 local Facebook Groups with combined membership totaling over 65,000 members. 4 pet specific groups and 2 classified/general groups.

Level Two Listing

$10 Donation

Pet listing shared on social media.

Home Check by SAINT.

Level Three Listing

$50 Donation

SAINT will act as main contact for pet, provide all networking and marketing listed above and handle home check and placement of pet for three months. If new owner is not found in that time, package can be renewed for $10 per month.


Courtesy pets will be added each Monday to social media and websites. Pet listings will stay online for 1 month unless renewed. Pet owner is responsible for requesting a renewal from SAINT.

Donations do not guarantee pet adoption and are


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