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Re-Homing Your Pet

SAINT provides a Re-Homing and Courtesy Listing Program in the event a pet owner needs assistance in re-homing their pet.

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Terms of our Re-Homing and

Courtesy Listing Program

SAINT does not have a rescue facility and can only take possession of an animal for

the Saving Lives Adoption Program if there is a foster home available.

You are responsible for keeping the pet safe in your home until a new home can be found.

Your pet must be spayed/neutered and vaccinated to be eligible for re-homing and a courtesy listing.

SAINT will post your pet on our website, Petfinders, Facebook page, and flyers.

Potential adopters will be instructed to contact SAINT to fill out an adoption application.

SAINT will screen the re-homing applicants and contact potential adopters.

SAINT will conduct home checks and assist in transportation.

If SAINT is successful in finding a new home for your pet, you will sign a document that

surrenders full ownership of the pet to SAINT prior to finalizing the adoption.

SAINT will collect an adoption fee of $100 from the new owner. This adoption fee covers the time and

work that SAINT puts into finding your pet a new home.

If you find a home for your pet without going through SAINT, you will contact SAINT immediately so

that we can update our platforms to reflect that your pet is no longer available for adoption.



Please fill out the Re-Homing Application. Answer questions as thoroughly as possible.

Please upload a photo. If you do not have or can not upload a photo,

we will contact you to discuss how to obtain a photo of your pet.

Please contact us at adoption@bhcsaint.org if you have any questions or need more information.

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