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June is Adopt A Cat Month!

Adopt A Cat Month was created to encourage potential adopters to remember the thousands of cats in need of a forever home when they are looking for a new pet. Dogs are often referred to as Man's Best Friend, but cats can be just as loving and loyal to their owners and human families. Cats also make wonderful pets for people who may not have the time, space, or yard needed to take care of a dog.

Cats can be just as lovable and loyal as dogs.

Each cat has her own unique personality, so before adopting a cat, it is important to know the exact characteristics you are looking for in your new feline friend. Do you want a cat that is active, playful, and somewhat mischievous, or do you want a laid back lap cat? Make sure you have all the supplies you need prior to adopting a new cat. This include food that is most appropriate for your new pet (adult, kitten, weight management, etc.), litter, litter pan, litter scoop, food/water bowls, toys, and items that can be used for scratching. Also, make sure you are familiar with the preventative care and medical attention that your cat will require every year and for the rest of her life. Adopting a pet is a life long commitment and one that is extremely rewarding.

Consider becoming a foster parent.

If you're not looking to adopt a cat, but do wish to help the many who need homes, becoming a foster parent could be a wonderful and fulfilling option for you.Fostering allows you to give a temporary home to a cat that is looking for a forever home. The shelter environment can be stressful, crowded, and a haven for common infectious diseases. It can also be very difficult to observe a cat's true personality in these conditions. Fostering a cat will eliminate their chances of being euthanized, keep her healthier, and let her true personality shine through which will increase her chances of finding a forever home. Shelters and rescue organizations are always looking for foster parents for both cats and dogs. These organizations typically cover the cost of supplies and medical procedures required for these pets. All you need to do is provide the care and love needed until a new home is found.

There are many ways to help homeless pets.

If you can not adopt or foster at cat, there are other things you can do to help cats find their forever homes. Posting the information of cats at your local shelters and rescue groups on your social media pages, blogs, websites, etc. will help bring attention to these cats and increase their chances of being adopted. Donating money or cat food, toys, litter, litter boxes, etc. to your local shelters and rescue groups will also help tremendously. Providing transportation to a forever home is another way you can help shelters and rescue organizations. If you're not sure how you can help most, please contact the shelter or rescue organizations.

Cat's currently for adoption through SAINT:


Black and White


3 years old



Not good with cats

Loves to cuddle

Lightening Gray/White Tabby Male 5 years old Neutered Vaccinated Does well with cats Not good with kids


Brown Tabby


7 years old



Not good with kids

Not good with cats

To adopt a pet, please visit

To become a foster parent, please visit

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